Weatherproof CCTV 11 infrared LED Night Vision 380TVL Surveillance Camera


Are you looking for a CCTV night vision security camera that will work in just about any situation?  Wolfcom’s 812H security camera is one of our most versatile and the most popular camera.  This high quality, indoor/outdoor camera has 380 lines of resolution, night vision, a 40-degree viewing angle, and a built-in microphone.

The 812H records color video and audio. Installation is simple: just connect the video and power cord to the CCTV camera on one side and to TV or one of our 4, 8, or 16 channel Standalone DVR Systems or DVR Cards and you are set and ready to roll. This camera is great for home or business, indoors or outdoors.


Night Vision

This incredible camera comes standard with 11 high-density infrared LEDs. The field of vision for this camera is 30 feet (10 meters) in total darkness. The video recordings of the day are sharp and clear with the 380 lines of resolution. Then, at night time the night vision kicks in to allow the camera to record video at night. It is the built-in photo sensor detects that there is no light and automatically turns on the LEDs. Wither it is daytime or nighttime, if the lights are on or off, you will be able to view your video recordings.


DVR Compatible

Most CCTV DVR systems will work with the 812H security camera. If you are building a new system or replacing older outdated cameras, making the switch is very easy. Most CCTV DVR systems use either a BNC or RCA connection. The connection on the 812H is RCA connection.  If the connection on the back of a DVR system is an RCA connection, then you are good to go. If the DVR system is a BNC connection, do not fear, you can easily make this DVR system compatible by getting a BNC to RCA adapter.

This user-friendly camera comes with 65 feet of cable, a power supply, and a wall mount. It is extremely easy to setup: simply connect the video and power cord to the CCTV camera, then connect the other end of the video cable to a TV or one of our 4, 8, or 16 channel standalone DVR systems or DVR cards. With the video cable connected, plug the power adapter into the power supply input, and plug it into a power outlet and you’re ready to go.


Weatherproof Full Metal Casing

There is a front sun visor on this camera.  The sun visor is on this camera because it can be used as an outdoor camera and when you have the camera outdoors, there is sun glare. So having the sun visor blocks this glare to give you the picture quality you want. Also, another wonderful feature on this outdoors or indoors camera is that the CCTV camera is weatherproof*. This camera being weatherproof means that it can withstand the natural elements such as rain and snow. The wall mount design allows you to position and reposition the camera without having to unscrew it from the wall. Its relatively small size makes it unobtrusive and ideal for tight places.



  •        Color
  •        380 lines of resolution
  •        40-degree viewing angle
  •        Night vision
  •        11 high-density infrared LEDs
  •        Sees 30 feet (10 meters) in total darkness
  •        Microphone
  •        Photosensor
  •        Weatherproof
  •        CMOS
  •        Full aluminum casing (tan)
  •        Sun visor
  •        Fully adjustable wall mount
  •        Includes 65 ft. Siamese (?) RCA(?) cable and power supply


The 812H can also be used for those ghost hunters out there, as seen on the A&E TV show Paranormal State. If you are in search of the supernatural, this night-vision CCTV camera can help you film that haunted location and capture the paranormal activity to show the public. If you aren't sure if its ghosts or just a buddy playing a prank on you, this CCTV camera can help you find the truth.

*This camera is weatherproof, not waterproof.  Do not submerge in water. This camera is not designed to withstand weather extremes, such as hurricanes, blizzards or unusually high or low temperatures.   


Package includes:

  • 65-foot cable
  • Power supply
  • Wall mount

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