How to Enter Weekly Giveaways

How to Enter Weekly Giveaways

Entering the Weekly Giveaways is simple, easy and open to anyone. And you don't even have to make a purchase. Every week there will be something different. Here's how to get started.

  1. You must do one of the following: Like or follow our Facebook page, subscribe to our newsletter or have made a purchase on this site. 
  2. Every week a random winner will be announced on our Facebook page (the winner's first name with last name initial. 
  3. The winner will then be contacted by email or private message.
  4. Winners must pay for shipping* and have the right not to accept the prize. 
  5. If a winner doesn't accept the prize, it will be redrawn! 
  6. No technical support provided.**


Discount Wheel Winners

  1. Simply spin the wheel to win great prizes or discounts.
  2. To receive your prize, you will need to pay for shipping.* If you don’t want to accept your free prize, no problem.
  3. No technical support provided.**



*       You have to pay for shipping costs for free giveaways and prizes.

**     For some electronic products, they need to be installed by an expert. GoLive Shopping does not offer technical support.