Intellectual Property and Brand Protection Policy

Intellectual Property and Brand Protection Policy


GoLive Shopping Network is an e-commerce platform that dropships products from manufacturers in Asia directly to consumers. Therefore, GoLive Shopping does not ship the majority of its products directly.

As part of this policy and the services provided to its users, GoLive Shopping has a zero-tolerance policy that lists products that violates a third-party’s copyright, trademark or any other rights. If you feel that there are instances of alleged violations of any intellectual property rights, they must be made in good faith that they violate a third-party’s intellectual property. You can notify us via email, When GoLive Shopping reserves the right to block access or remove materials that it believes to be in violation of any third-party rights and will discontinue the sale of such products.

Copyright Policy


A copyright protects original works of authorship from literary works to artistic works, music to movies, architectural designs to computer software and more. Use of a third-party’s copyrighted works without approval is a direct violation of GoLive Shopping Network’s policies and if found in breach of using a third-party’s copyright without prior approval, we reserve the right to remove the infringing information and/or images without any notice.

If you are the copyrights holder or authorized by the copyright holder to act on their behalf, you can report the alleged infringements. Simply email us at with the evidence to prove the infringement. GoLive Shopping will investigate all claims as outline by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Accordingly, GoLive Shopping will either block access or remove the material alleged to be infringed or remove and discontinue service to repeat offenders.

What to add when submitting an infringement claim?

To ensure your complaint is processed swiftly, you must include the following information to assist GoLive Shopping evaluate your claim:

  • Proof that you are the owner of the alleged infringement or you have authorization to act on behalf of the owner of the alleged infringement and contact information (i.e. address, phone number and email address).
  • Identify the works or materials being infringed, including the location of the alleged infringing materials.
  • A statement that the information provided is accurate.

Upon receipt of the above information, GoLive Shopping reserves all rights to:

  • Remove or disable access to the infringing material/
  • Notify the provider of the infringed material that the material has been removed or access disabled. If the provider feels that the material does not breach any infringement, the user will have the opportunity to prove there is not infringement.
  • If GoLive Shopping determines there is an infringement, we will terminate the infringing content and the infringer’s access to use all services.
  • Inform copyright owner or representative that the infringing material has been removed.

Trademark Policy

The use of a third-party’s trademark without prior approval is a direct violation of this policy. Any material found in breach of a third-party’s trademark will result in the infringing works to be removed without notice.


If you are the holder to the registered trademark or authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the trademark, you can report any infringements by emailing us on See above on what information to provide with your claim.

Counterfeit Policy

If you are the owner or feel that some of the products listed for sale are counterfeit products, simply email us on and provide evidence that the listed product(s) are counterfeit. If a product is deemed counterfeit, GoLive Shopping reserves the right to remove the products without notice. GoLive Shopping makes every attempt to ensure the produces we source are of high quality at affordable costs.

Patent and Community Design Policy

If you are the owner or representative of the owner of a patent or design, see that a third-party has infringed on your patent or design. Simply email us on with information detailing the infringement. See steps listed above.

If it is deemed that there is a patent infringement, GoLive Shopping will remove the products at its own discretion.

Right of Publicity Policy

You control your publicity, that means you control how your name, image, likeness or other identifiable feature is used. This may expire upon the death of the individual. You cannot use a third-party’s publicity without their prior authorization is a direct violation of our Terms and Condition. If you are found to have unauthorized use of a third-party’s publicity, GoLive Shopping reserves the right to remove such Content at its discretion and without notice.

If you are the rights holder and find your publicity being violation or have been authorized by the rights owner, you may report the violation to We will investigate the claims and if found in breach, we reserve the right to remove such Content.

Repeat Infringer Policy

GoLive Shopping has measures to identify and take action against users who are alleged repeat infringers of intellectual property rights of others. Therefore, they will be subject to the following actions:

  • Access and account privileges may be revoked or limited.
  • Access to content generated by the repeat infringer may be removed temporarily or permanently from the Services.

Report violation



Updated 02/19/2019.