SS-50 Bug Sweeper Spy Camera Locator


Ever wonder if somebody is watching you? Or think that somebody is listening into your conversations?

This multifunctional bug and lens detector is the SS-50, the newest improved and best spy detector there is. The small black convenient size of the SS-50 makes this spy gadget a must have. You can carry this detector with you everywhere and it is so easy to store in your suitcase for when you are traveling.  Having this lens and bug detector in your pocket, you can see if there are hidden cameras in restrooms, dressing rooms, meeting rooms and just about anywhere you think somebody can be watching you. 

Nobody can be trusted in this world where people want to spy on you by listening to your conversations or watching you while you undress.  Having the SS-50 camera lens and wireless bug detector will help you protect number one, yourself!  And of course, those who are closest to you.  People will be surprised to find hidden cameras and bugging devices in places you would not think would have them.

There are so many devices you can detect with the SS-50 detector.  The spy gadget detector can expose if there are wireless cameras, GSM bugs, GPS trackers and audio bugs in the room you are in.  The lens finder in this all in one detector can spot hidden cameras, spy cameras, and all other cameras.

There is an antenna on the wireless bug detector to have a wider range.  If you want to be stealth and silent about checking for wireless devices, you can put the SS-50 bug detector on vibrate mode.  The vibrate mode will allow the wireless detector to vibrate once a signal of wireless device like an audio bug is caught by the wireless device detector.  Another ingenious way to use the vibrate silent mode is to put the spy detector in your pocket on vibrate mode at all times.  This way if you walk into a room and feel your spy gadget detector vibrate, you automatically know that there is some kind of wireless device or bug near you. 

When the SS-50 bug detector is on the buzzer mode to catch wireless frequencies, the nifty spy detector will start buzzing in order to let you know that the wireless detector has found a wireless device.

This newest spy device finder also includes headphones in case you want to just hear the buzzing of the wireless detector.  The headphones allow the sound to be heard just by you and nobody else.  Some people prefer this over the silent vibrate mode.

The camera lens finder works by flashing a red light that helps you expose hidden spy cameras.  You will look through the red window and once you see the red light reflect back at you, you know that there is some kind of hidden camera when the red light is. 

The rechargeable battery means you do not need to buy more and more batteries every time.  The newer better models just keep getting better.

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